Thursday, January 24, 2013

Aging Gracefully

We have many informative sessions out here in the desert in Boomerville.  The most recent was on how to age gracefully.

Even though I considered this a lost cause for myself, I at least wanted to attend and ask “why?”  My plan is to be an embarrassment to my family and children and I’d say I’m right on track, and I’m pretty sure my kids would say I accomplished this mission some time ago.

But I plodded over to the circle with my chair, water, notepad and big floppy hat to see what I might have missed.  It was a delightful lesson and covered all aspects of being vibrant and alive right up until death.

Being in Boomerville is like attending an RV Elderhostel where we have planned outings, gatherings and classes.  It has been an experience I will cherish for years and is enriching my life in ways I would never have foreseen.

The main ingredient it seems to aging gracefully is attitude.  No surprise there.  Life is what you make it and you need to adjust your mindset to what is happening around you. 

It reminded me of a Jewish precept I’d learned long ago.  The question: “who is the happiest man on earth?”  The answer: “he who is content with his lot in life.”  If you’re happy with what you have and stop lusting over the next “thing” you might be able to obtain, life is so much simpler.  I do not see this as just settling for what you have. 

My daughter wrote a beautiful song many years ago and the line that resonates with me is about stopping the chase of all the shiny things I thought would set me free.  How she got so smart so young in life amazes me.

After shedding all the excess “stuff” of my life, both material and mental, to embark on this RV journey; I have never felt more alive.  My current sense is that whatever happens I am not alone, I am protected and cared for by a higher power. I do not worry anymore about running out of anything, I am certain that I will always have “enough”.  And it really is having “just enough” that you need, the extra is just baggage to drag around.
Long Live the Queen of Graceful Living


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  1. You are one smart lady, and that's probably how your daughter go so smart. My oldest daughter tells folks, "I got that honestly from my mother." Sometimes, I think she could keep all the credit for herself! I was such a mouse way back when, but I taught my kids to speak up for themselves. Not to be rude, but not to be stomped on.

    I think I'd have enjoyed that recent gathering. I've been okay with my lot in life for many years.

    I'm at wor now, so gotta get busy here. You have a wonderful day, Hugs, Edna B.