Friday, January 18, 2013

Day Two

I woke early with giddy excitement at what the new day might bring. There was a pretty sunrise with stars that I failed to photograph properly.  Looks like I need to dig out that tripod again for those shots.

After a light breakfast we headed into the town of Quartzite and visited several of the vendors that were already set up for the big RV show starting on Saturday. 

There are some glaring differences between our last stay in Mesa and our newest digs here in the desert. For instance, this was the office in Carriage Manor.  (sorry - I am still unable to load photos....grrrrr.  I will keep working on this).

This is the office here in Boomerville.  But for all the variances in their appearance, the services rendered are the same and the price here is much less.

We are supposed to obtain a 14 day permit from the Bureau of Land Management but every time we go past their tent we have not yet found anyone to talk to.

Others in our camp have said not to worry about it; your 14 day stay doesn’t start until you are “caught”.  I certainly don’t mind doing it the right way, but it would be nice to be able to find the people.

The town is set up for the thousands of people coming through and we did find a couple of LED lights to start replacing our old ones.  The LED lights use much less voltage and give off a nice bright light.  Now that we know these fit, we’ll stop back tomorrow and get a couple more.  They are a bit pricey – anywhere from $8 to $20 each but they last forever and don’t get hot like the older style.

While in Quartzsite we had lunch at Silly Al’s.  Left Brain enjoyed his Reuben and I was in love with my Mediterranean pizza.

We visited the Escapee happy hour on our way back and after we got back to our rig we soon had Tom and Kay knocking on our door.  They had arrived while we were out and we had a lovely chat to catch up and then we all went to the Boomer happy hour.  There seem to be a lot of happy hours here.

After we returned to our rig again Al and Ingrid stopped over for a bit and while we were chatting we were visited by an ultra light buzzing over our RV’s.

So, it’s been another fun day here in Boomerville.  Tomorrow there is a class on Boondocking 101 that I want to attend to learn any other tips I can pick up for our stay here.

But now it’s time to run the generator and get this blog written so I can post it in the morning.

Long Live the Queen of Quartzsite


  1. No stop at the "Readers Oasis"? I am thinking that would have been one of my first stops ... need a good book to read, right(even if you do have a Kindle)? This does sound like great fun and it is awesome that you are meeting up with people you already know form other stops. You are going to have a lot of friendships to keep up with when this is all over ... good luck. I struggle to keep my little handful of friends happy ... maybe it is because I choose needy friends or something. I have found that, at my age, I am much pickier about who I spend time with ... but then your situation is totally different and probably far more interesting than mine.

    So what do you do besides happy hour ... are you going to go hiking and looking for Quartzite ... I assume this is the location of old quartzite mines or something of that nature, right? My right brain husband would be distraught ... he doesn't like crowds and from the looks of your pictures and your discriptions, you are talking very big crowds. I, on the other hand, am a people watcher (as well as a camera nut), so I would be loving all the options open to me ... bet you are loving it too.

    Well, I am looking forward to day 3 ... waiting to see how long it takes you to get over to the "Readers Oasis" ... Keep warm tonight Queen of Many Options.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  2. I am claustrophobic, so I would not do so well in large crowds for very long. You don't always need the tripod to get those shots. Lean against the car, holding your camera against the roof. Sometimes this does the trick. Actually, you can set your camera against/on any object high enough to get the shot you want. Good luck and have fun. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. Well, this is fun. We traveled in a van as newlyweds, 32 years ago. We hope to repeat this adventure. I am a new follower, and hope you eill join me too.
    McGuffy's Reader