Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Off to Quartzite

Well, tomorrow morning we begin our adventure of experiencing Quartzite.  We've only heard the stories, good and bad, so this should be interesting.

Quartzite is a small town (under 4,000) on the western side of Arizona and during this time of year it is estimated that between 750,000 and 1,000,000 million arrive, most of them in RVs.  Mind you this is out in the middle of the desert with nothing nearby.  These are photos I found showing some of the views.

It will be the first time Left Brain and I have ever camped completely self-contained for this period of time.  We figure we will either love it or hate it.  But the price is right...it's free for two weeks.  They tell me there will be a tent with a table on the side of the road where you get your permit from the Bureau of Land Management for your stay.

During this time there is a huge RV show, as well as rocks and gem shows, which apparently is the really big draw.  Most of the sales take place in tents set up for the occasion.

The traffic is horrendous, the noise level high, it's crowded and dusty and dirty.  I can't wait.

One of my stops will have to be The Reader's Oasis.  It is run by a man who prefers not to wear any clothing.  He was a stripper in his youth and can be seen in the store wearing his "briefs".  It seems he is a bit of a character and I can't wait to meet him.

One of the Escapees groups named Boomers has a little (or rather large, actually) village they establish called Boomerville.  My friend, the Divine Miss M, calls this even the Woodstock for Seniors.  I was too young to attend Woodstock being one of the younger boomers, so this is my chance to experience something of this type.  It would not surprise me if there are many hippy dippy types from the Sixties showing up here.  There should be lots of opportunities for photography!

I am uncertain as to what kind of internet I might have available during this stay, so the photos and stories may be delayed until after our departure.

Long Live the Queen of Quartzite

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  1. Well, your gentleman at the Readers Oasis definitely looks interesting! And very trim! Have a great time. Looking forward to some great photos. Hugs, Edna B.