Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Badlands of South Dakota

We've been here a few times, but having one last look seemed like a good idea as we head towards Arizona for the winter.

Our day started with a visit to Wall Drug and I think it's safe to say it will be our last, and I'm good with that.  It's a haven for little kids and fun the first time you see it, but after that it's just a tourist trap. Therefore, I didn't bother with any photos.

Then we began our driving of the loop through the Badlands to see all the colorful formations that are found there.

I got out several times to walk to the edge, or at least as close to the edge as I get, which isn't very far.  The scenery is so different than anything else here in the USA.  It's a bit like visiting the moon.

There are signs warning you of the dangers that may be found, so people were good about staying on the paths. 

I forgot to shoot the sign warning you about the bison, but I really don't think there should need to be much warning...I mean...these guys are BIG. 

Of course, that doesn't prevent you from a more likely danger...stepping in bison poop.

We followed a dusty gravel road several miles out so I could see the prairie dog town.  I don't know why, but I just can't get enough of this little guys.

When I spotted the information in one of brochures about the buffalo roundup in Custer I almost screamed out loud.  It was going to happen on the upcoming Friday.  We are so close!  We could stay at the park and go see this incredible event!  Here is a clip of the round up from last year so you know what I mean. 

However, when we started to search for places to stay it became quickly apparent this wasn't going to happen.  Custer State Park is one that you can book a year in advance and there wasn't a site to be had anywhere near.  Oh well.

So, we'll leave here and press onward towards Colorado on our way to Moab UT.

Long Live the Queen of the Prairie Dogs


  1. Custer State Park. My niece worked their last summer. She had incredible job with outdoor education.

  2. I envy your travels. We were in the same area several years ago and really enjoyed it. We did the 1 trip only to Wall Drugs ago. Never again. Have a wonderful and safe trip.

  3. Where are you going to stay in AZ this winter?

  4. What beautiful photos of the badlands. No wonder you are smitten by the prairie dogs. They are just adorable little critters. It's too bad you have to miss the round up. Travel safely my friend. Hugs, Edna B.