Sunday, September 25, 2016

Going to Hell

I've often been told I'm going straight to Hell for one reason or another, but it's never bothered me much.  And now that I have found out what the food is like...well, sign me up!

Steph and Ted escorted us into downtown Minneapolis for breakfast at Hell's Kitchen.  

I am completely enamored by anyplace featured in Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and often refer to my TV Food Maps app to find such places.

It is located in the lower level of the building, of course.

The atmosphere is eclectic and fun with so many cool signs and art work to view while waiting for a table.  But we had reservations, so there wasn't any wait at all.

Here is a sampling of some of the art work to be found.

This sign warns you that these are the worst tables in the house.  But you are rewarded with a mini peanut butter for your sacrifice.

Some good advice about supporting local businesses.

I loved this chandelier and may have to mimic it in one of my gardens when I have landed.

I thought this banner really spoke the truth.

They had several examples of how to talk Minnesotan on the walls to help you with the language problems.

We decided to skip the bloody mary bar.  I won't know where to even start with so many selections.

The menu selections were unique.  Ted opted for something more traditional, but Stephanie went for the kangaroo.  Yup...kangaroo.  Left Brain had the walleye hash and I blew my diet to Hell (I wanted to stay with the theme) and had the pecan caramel sweet roll.  No photos because the food disappeared too fast, but as you can see here...we were very satisfied.

This experience will not be soon forgotten.  Even though we live (part time) in one of the coolest cities in America, we don't tend to get out and explore it to its fullest.  Stephanie and Ted graciously take us on such outings to experience it to the fullest.  Thank you kids!

Long Live the Queen of Hell's Kitchen


  1. Can't believe you've never been there before especially since I've written about it. Tee hee. My brother always gets the ribs. Their southern breakfast is mighty fine.

    1. It always takes us a while to get to these things. Thank goodness for Steph, otherwise I'd probably never get any place as we both continue to fulfill our roles of being fuddy duddies.

  2. I was there a few years ago as part of a sister's weekend. Lucky for us, one of my sister's lives in place!!

  3. I was there a few years ago as part of a sister's weekend. Lucky for us, one of my sister's lives in place!!

  4. Oh wow! What a neat place! I love the photo of you and Pete stretching out after eating all that good food. I also love the photo of the four of you. Your kids are awesome. You have a super evening, hugs, Edna B.