Tuesday, September 27, 2016

IKEA...my new favorite place

When you spend as much time on Pinterest as I do, you learn all the clever hacks possible using products from IKEA.  Just Google IKEA hacks and see what I mean.

I love the skyline in Minneapolis
Since we had access to the store in Minneapolis during our stay there, Left Brain and I set off to explore and see these things first hand to get ideas for setting up The Last Resort next spring.  There is also a store near Mesa, so any ideas we come up with might apply to the Arizona house as well.

The store is huge and they have arrows on the floor to keep you going in the correct direction, which is perfect for someone like me.

The products are set up in a room setting, often with information telling you how many square feet are used to give you a feel for how much can fit into a small space.  Paper and pencils are supplied to make note of what aisle and bin they can be located in when checking out through the first floor.

This is the "go to" place for small living solutions.  The prices are fantastic and you can learn Swedish as you go along from display to display.

I took photos of some of my favorite things to share with you.

I love their line of kitchen organizational tools, especially these rod systems where you hang kitchen utensils.  This keeps the countertop clear and usable and well, darn it...it just looks cute. 

I don't know how I'll decide which system to use.  I might have to use more than one since I could put them on the wall in one area, on the side of the island or pantry in another.  Oh the options!

This is the shoe cabinet and I am in love with them.  I'm hoping there is space in our hallway to utilize these for shoe storage as we enter.  It also provides a small space for keys and such items. 

The front drawer pulls open to reveal a plastic, well ventilated compartment to slide in your shoes.  I can envision using this for umbrellas, rain gear, really anything I might want near the door. Heck it could even store saran wrap and such.

I don't have any need for an entertainment center in our trailer, but it may be a need when we find a home in Arizona.  Check out the price for this entire system (not including the TV, of course).

Left Brain is always willing to test drive a chair for me.

I know we'll be back to get a couple of these lap tables for the resort.  They slide under the furniture and give you a surface to use for the PC or eating and take up very little space.  Perfect!

One of my concerns was where I'd be able to have a sewing table.  Then I spotted this skinny little thing that opens up nice and big. All for $199.  Yup...this might work in Arizona.  I know I don't have enough space for it in The Resort.  

I adore these little raskog carts.  I have no purpose for them that I can think of, but the reddish orange one is really calling to me.  I think it might be one of those things where you get it because you love it and the use for it will reveal itself later. It may work as a side table for Left Brain and all his junk.

I've heard stories that they are awful to assemble since it's only photos to guide you.  Well, I don't speak or read Swedish, so I guess photos would be my preference anyway.

We shopped for a while and then went into the restaurant for some Swedish meatballs.  Where else can you eat this cheaply and tasty to boot?

Long Live the Queen of Swedish Design


  1. Love IKEA. I've been gathering all kinds of fabric swatches and planning to remodel the RV which means a stop (or two) to IKEA will be on my schedule soon!

  2. Oh no, TJ has competition!!! I'm still a Container Store fanatic, but I'll take storage ideas everywhere. Glad you had so much fun

  3. I also fell in love with the first metal hanging system. Keeping it looking nice has been a problem for me. Smudging and rusting has been an issue.I can send you some pics. Wanted it for both the kitchen and bathroom.

    1. Which system did you go with? I'm wondering if the Fintorp (black) rods might be better than the silver metal ones. Especially since mine will be subject to freezing in the winter....but hey, better it than me.

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  4. We have an Ikea store nearby, and it's a treat to go there every now and then. I love the kitchen organizer baskets, and especially that little cart stand. I don't go there too often because I could go broke. haha. Have fun shopping, hugs, Edna B.