Sunday, February 21, 2016

Specialty storage items

It's always interesting to hear the questions we are asked about our lifestyle.  I thought it might be fun to share some of these with you and will try to make this a weekly feature of the blog.  Do you have any questions you'd like to ask?  Please let me know.

Where do you find all the specialty storage items you use in the RV?

It can be tricky since nothing in an RV equates to the standard measurements in a house, so it takes some creative thinking to make it happen.

Some of the items are easy to locate, like the clear plastic bins I use in the cabinets to store food.  Since things shake, rattle and roll when we move, it's nice to know if two glass jars get into a battle, the innards won't be spilled on the carpeted shelving.  

Now where did she put those cat treats?

These also allow me to pull out a small tray to access things more easily since I'm vertically impaired and can't see what's way in the back unless it's less than five feet off the ground.

One of my more creative solutions for maintaining the everyday bathroom things but keeping them off the countertop was this metal spice rack.

The little lips in front keep the small items secure when moving and the silver metal matches the hardware in the bathroom.  There used to be two towel rings in this location before which was just dumb.  The towels hung over and draped on the countertop, so I removed them and replaced them with this rack.

Since we're in the bathroom, let me show you how we function without the conventional towel bars.  I utilize plastic suction cups and with the help of the little plastic clips, the bath towels hang here to dry.  There is an over the door coat rack to hang them on when using the shower.

Suction cup holders are used for shampoo and soap, as well as cleaning supplies and other items that can withstand getting wet.

Tension rods are used everywhere to keep things from tipping forward when opening an overhead cabinet.  I've learned to always have one hand up over my head in ready for the avalanche just in case.

Long Live the Queen of RV Living


  1. I think organizational ideas are always helpful. Didn't you also attend a class at your RV camp about some of the issues besides the ever important septic issues?

  2. There is a Container Store near my hairdresser here in Vegas. I don't allow myself go in because I have nothing to organize (yet). You can bet I will be there a lot when we finally settle down and I get to start all over with stuff and storage. LOL

  3. I am always impressed with your ideas and creativity. I still hope you put this into a book.
    In fact, I really want to read more of your writing, stories and memoirs. I was touched by the one you shared and would like to know more. You write well.

  4. I love your creative ideas. The spice rack is such a super idea. Your friend is right. You really should think about writing a book on life in a RV. Have a good day, hugs, Edna B.