Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hosting a house guest in 320 square feet

It's not easy having a house guest when you have a small space to live in...there's just not much to offer.  But, if you have the right person it can be done.

Larry is Left Brain's buddy from up north and we were garnering from his emails that he was sick of the snow and cold and thinking of coming our way.

This is a great guy, very laid back and comes with his own sleeping bag and bath towel.  He accepts an air mattress on the floor with cats using his body as a runway up and down the hall...not for the faint of heart.

Gracie has been sitting on his lap and even George will approach him for a scratch and rub.  Since he's cool with the cats...he's in.

We went to Ford's Garage for lunch to share the experience with Larry.  Mostly he and Left Brain have been visiting and golfing, so I have just continued with my normal routine.  Like I said...easy to have around.

The bathroom never fails to entertain me.
He's an avid reader like we are, so there's no problem filling the day.  Some people require more entertainment, visiting the local attractions and the like, but he's content just to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine.

But the real perk is that he's a computer geek, so our laptops always get a good going over when he visits.  I'm proud to say I got a clean bill of health on mine, meaning I haven't screwed it up since the last time he checked it.

Long Live the Hosting Queen


  1. Good friends are the best ! Wanna talk tomorrow (Friday, in case you are already down for the night?)

    1. Great talking to you today. My day alone was cut short as they returned two hours early. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

  2. If I ever do a world tour, I will see if I can stop by for a visit. I think I could meet your requirements amd fit in. *wink*

    1. You are ALWAYS welcome and would fit in with George and Gracie just fine.

  3. It's great when your guest fits right in. I love the photo of the bathroom sink!!! What a hoot!! You manage to find the neatest things. Enjoy your company and have a super day, hugs, Edna B.