Friday, February 5, 2016

Dressing up the tables

During our stay in Lake Okeechobee I noticed a motorhome with a table outside with the neatest covers.

I was lucky enough to catch the lady at home one day and she showed me how she constructed hers and ever since then I knew I had to make a couple of these for my tables.

The underskirt is a lightweight knit that will wash and dry easily as well as store compactly.  This part is fairly easy and I'm thinking of making some brightly colored ones as well as the gray.

There wasn't enough of the gray and black stripe to make both, so the table towards the back of the RV is a solid gray.

I like having a table near the door as it's handy to set down things when unloading the car.  It also doubles as a serving table for when we have people over.

The upper portion is a fake leather (thank goodness for JoAnne Fabric's coupons!) and this provides a waterproof surface that can be cleaned off easily.

They not only look nicer, but provide a hiding place for extra items and the recycling bin.  The longer top provides a little more protection from the elements.

Fun to make?  No.  One of the neighbors suggested I make and sell these and I had to decline.  It's so nice to only sew for my own needs now.

Long Live the Queen of Toppers


  1. Your table covers look super nice. I know what you mean about only sewing for yourself. Once you start taking orders, the fun is gone. Have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.