Thursday, January 28, 2016

Show Boat

One of the top ten attractions for the Fort Myers area is the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater.  With all this rain lately we needed a diversion so I signed us up for a Wednesday matinee.  That's right, there's no pickleball or volleyball on Wednesdays.

The cost is $53 a person and we had a delightful four hour experience so felt it was quite a steal.  When you enter you are shown to your table and then you can start hitting the buffet.

Usually buffets don't appeal much to either of us, but this is a one time buffet and stuff isn't sitting out there all day long.  We had to sample a little bit of everything and each item tasted better than the first.  

The meats were chicken Lombardi, pulled pork, and coconut white fish.  I wasn't sure what the chicken Lombardi was all about, but it sounded Packer related so it had to be good...and it was.

There were several sides such as cilantro lime rice, broiled potatoes, corn casserole and steamed carrots.  There was also a salad bar with soup, but I went for the hot stuff right away.

And then there were the dessert areas.  One had ice cream, hot apple cobbler, brownies, whipped cream and hot fudge toppings.  On the other side of the room were all the cakes and pies.

I was starting to wonder if anyone ever hurt themselves by stuffing themselves to the point of bursting, mainly because I thought I may be the first fatality.

At one o'clock the food is put away and beverages are refilled.  The show started at 1:30 and everything ran like clockwork.  I love performances that start on time.

Left Brain made the choice to see Show Boat, the next one during our stay is Sister Act.  The stage set was beautifully done, great lighting, orchestra pit, costuming and sound system.

These performers acted their little hearts out and the man who sang Ole Man River had the lowest voice I've ever heard, it gave me goosebumps when he started in.

It was a great diversion for a rainy day and now I'm thinking we may need to go back in February for Sister Act as well.

Long Live the Queen


  1. This sounds right up your alley. Of course, I was most taken with the fact that you have really become a Packer fan. I am glad I could help with that! Hugs!

  2. Sounds like this was a wonderful dinner and show. We have a dinner theatre up here next town over. Jasmine auditioned for a part in one of their performances but she wasn't old enough. A lot of her drama friends perform there. Someday it will be her turn too. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.