Monday, January 18, 2016

A Day of False Starts

Our plan for today was to play tourist and visit the Edison Winter Estates after a nice lunch out.

We were so smug thinking how lucky we could do this during the week and not deal with crowds on the weekend.  It never occurred to us that it was Martin Luther King Day.

The day was cool but sunny, not good for visiting beaches and that may have led to the crowds as well.  Our other idea was to bike on Sanibel Island, but due to the high water and flooding problems we're going to wait a while on that option also.

Since we are here for another month and a half, we decided to forgo the crowds and try it another day.  But I did get some photos of the trees on the property.

This is the Cuban Laurel and I've included the description beneath the photo for you.

This is the Kapok tree and its shear massiveness is impressive.

But my favorite of all times is the banyan tree.  Note how each offshoot that goes down to the ground becomes yet another tree trunk.  You can have an entire forest from one tree.

More photos will follow after we do the actual tour...on a less crowded day.

Long Live the Queen of Flexible Scheduling


  1. In my former life I used to visit my in laws every winter for 20 some years in Ft Myers. Edison's abode and labs were a favorite besides all the art fairs. Hey it's only -26 today. Isn't that wonderful?

  2. I love Banyan trees almost as much as Cypress trees. There is wisdom in trees. Thanks for sharing these.

  3. I think trees are beautiful too, and this banyan tree is a super beauty!! Nature is so amazing at times. I hope the rest of your stay is wonderful. Have a super evening, hugs, Edna B.