Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Book Report: Too Good for Her Own Good

One of my major goals during this self imposed solitude is to learn more about myself, what I want and what I need.  This, of course, requires a lot of reading...at least in my case.

I'm loving a book my neighbor Sandy lent me called "Too Good For her Own Good".  I ordered my own copy so I can yellow highlight and bend pages at will.  

This is one of the gems I discovered in this book and I have it printed out and on my fridge to keep me focused.

The Code of Balance

BE COMFORTABLE: A woman in balance values feeling good more than looking good

BE DIRECT:  A woman in balance is honest about how she feels

BE RESPONSIVE: A woman in balance empathizes with others

BE NUTURING:  A woman in balance empowers herself and others

BE FIRM:  A woman in balance sets limits

Taken from “Too Good for Her Own Good” by Claudia Bepko & Jo-Ann Krestan

Long Live the Well Read Queen


  1. These are pretty good rules to go by. Good to see you back here. I've missed your wonderful sense of humor. You have a great day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

  2. Thank you for recommending this book. It's an yee opener for sure. I could have saved myself a lot of money and frustration over the years if I hadn't fallen into the trap of feeling my house had to look a certain way or it reflected poorly on my worth as a person.

  3. I am now at the 'Relationship Rules'.. Wow, what an eye opener. I knew I kept givng up partsnof me but never understood how it was happening or why. With retirement I'd started trying to change the rules but it's not easy. I can't financially seperate householdslike you did but I am finding ways to get the time for self exploration. Thank you again for sharing your journey.

  4. I'm hoping you are alright. Haven't heard from you much lately. Hope everything's okay. Have a super day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

  5. Good to see you blogging, days seem to rush by despite my slower speed.๐ŸŒ€