Thursday, August 10, 2017

I've Found the Perfect Chiropractor!

One of the things on my list to accomplish this summer was to find a chiropractor.  I've had two massage therapists tell me that my right leg is longer than the left, so it was time to get those hips aligned.

So, during one of the Thursday Ladies Night Out gatherings I asked the group for names and found out the guy who comes into the park was very good.  I remembered him coming to one of the Wednesday morning coffee and donuts sessions, but couldn't find his card.

I was on my way to a movie with my friend Jennifer when she mentioned that her husband had an appointment scheduled with this chiropractor that afternoon.  Sweeeeet!  Hoping I could piggyback on this opportunity she called her husband to see if he could see me at the same time.

The timing was perfect as we returned from our movie just shortly before his arrival.  Since I wanted to get to my afternoon pickleball I asked if I could go first.

Everything was going along very well and we were just doing the final adjustment.  I was on my back with my arms crossed in front of me and he was leaning over me and I was ready for his body to come down on me for the adjustment.  And come down he did!

As he applied his weight the table legs let go and we both went crashing to the floor.  I started laughing and couldn't stop giggling hysterically.  He was shocked and embarrassed.

My friends came rushing in when they heard the crash and ensuing commotion to find us laying in what looked like a passionate embrace on the floor.

My friend then made the comment about "she's alone in a room with a man for five minutes and this is what happens". This prompted me to look up and asked the poor man "was it as good for you as it was for me?"

The poor guy looked so shaken I felt sorry for him, but still couldn't stop laughing.  After we all settled down a bit and the legs were secured firmly this time, he finished up with the neck adjustments.

As I exited the treatment I asked him what I owed since I knew it was cash only and I needed to get going to pickleball. He blushed and said "no charge".  Being the incorrigible hussy I am I hugged him and said I really felt I should be paying extra for all the excitement.  I left a generous tip for him with my friends and hustled out the door for the community center.

Every time I thought about it I'd start giggling again and had to explain to my pickleball buddies what it was that had me in such a condition.

The chiropractor did text me a day later to ask if I was sore, how was I feeling, etc.  I let him know I felt great and played well that day but still keep laughing every time I think about it.

The hard part was having to tell Left Brain that I had "fallen" for another man during his absence.

Long Live the Queen

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  1. Goodness, woman! How do you do it??? You are perfect for that old saying "Can't take you anywhere." hahahaha. One of my nephews is a chiropractor. I pictured you and him in a heap on the floor and the giggles came rolling on in.

    I hope you are feeling okay after the fall, and I do think Left Brain will understand. You've made my day, my friend. You have an awesome weekend, hugs, Edna B.