Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tomorrow's the big day

We arrived in Minnesota on Thursday afternoon and got settled into our temporary home at the Hampton Inn until the trailer can be delivered to our lot.  They were very thoughtful and put us on the fourth floor so it would be quieter for the cats over the weekend when all the sports teams come in.

Our lot from the back - the white shed needs to be removed

View of the lot from the side - the trees are pretty much in the middle of the yard

On Friday we went out to start the yard work and clean up of the lot.  I'm not sure when the leaves had last been raked up, we filled 17 lawn and leaf bags.

Our leaf covered lot with the nasty white shed at the back

After moving the picnic table (which needs some major TLC) we removed the patio stones it was sitting on and stacked them by the trees for later use.  We also dug up and removed the fire pit since we're not big campfire people anyway and those rocks will find their way into a future garden.

This is where the trailer will sit - to the left of the concrete patio

We put down three rolls of weed barrier where the new trailer will be parked to keep weeds from growing up underneath it.

Clean up is done and weed barrier down.  This view is from the front.
 The neighbor's shed (green one to the right) will not be visible from inside our trailer, so it doesn't matter to us.

Our shed was a disaster and of no real benefit, plus it may be in the way for delivering the trailer so Left Brain took a sledge hammer to it and knocked it completely down.  Shed removal..check.

Such a lovely little shed.....yeah, right.

Shed is gone and waiting to be hauled away

It took a couple of trips and lots of blisters to get the yard whipped into shape.  The weather was perfect for this, not too cold and nice and dry.  We were told to just pile the brush in a pile and put the leaves into bags and they would be hauled away.  When we went back out on Sunday it was already gone.

Next step was to get all our earthly belongings out of the kids garage.  We borrowed their four person tent and set it up near where the trailer will go and after making three trips with the car managed to empty our stuff from their garage and into our temporary "shed".  This way it will be close for moving into the trailer at our leisure.

The tent is almost stuffed full of things we felt safe in leaving.  There are still several things in the car, not to mention in our hotel room.
I'm not real sure what's in some of those boxes.  I know it's been less than a year but it's a mystery to me.  I know there was a lot of sewing supplies...more than I remembered having.

It's hard to envision how it will all look when set up, new shed in place and screen house attached.

One of my highlights was having a visit from my friend Nate while working in the yard.  I've enjoyed playing pickleball with him and his parents live in the park.  Plus...and this was the most exciting part...he brings his karaoke into the park.  That will be a lot of fun!

So here it is Sunday and we are ready for tomorrow.  We go for our "walk through" of the trailer at 9:00 and then it will be delivered later in the day, not sure when.  We may end up having to pay for another night in the motel since it's supposed to be rainy tomorrow. 

And if that's the case it's okay as well.  We can haul some things in unless it's a downpour and start putting things away, getting the bed made up, etc.  It will be what it will be.

Long Live the Queen of the Trailer Trash

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  1. This sounds like another awesome adventure for you to begin. I can't wait to see photos of your progress getting everything set up just the way you want it. Here's hoping the rain holds off and the sun shines while you get settled. Have a fabulous day, hugs Edna B.