Thursday, April 6, 2017

Flowering Cactus

We are fortunate to have this cactus living just two doors down from is a sight to behold.

The flower is about 5" - 6" wide and so striking!  Unfortunately it is very short lived, but it appeared there might be more buds coming.

I've seen photos from other people that show it covered in blooms, so perhaps there is more to come.

There is a nice specimen blooming behind our house and those blooms seem to last much longer.  I noticed some segments of the cactus had fallen over and I went to pick it up to see if it was easy to handle, thinking I'd carry a piece back to my house and stick it in a pot to get it started.  It has tiny little hair like stickers on it that quickly became embedded in my fingers...ouch.  I'll come back for it...with gloves.

Things have slowed down how that many of the residents have left for their summer homes and I find myself with more leisure time than I had before.

There's still a core group of those that stay for the year and many who leave later in the year, so mornings belong to pickleball.

We're starting to prepare for our eventual departure later this month or in early May.  Left Brain has been in communication with the people who will deliver our trailer and it appears that the earliest it can happen is the week of the 24th.  That's the date that will determine when we set out for Minnesota.

Long Live the Queen

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