Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Saga Continues

Tuesday was spent securing items to make this place fit for habitation.  I left the trailer in the morning and my first stop was at the Premium Outlet Mall in Albertville to find dishes, silverware and kitchen stuff.

After grabbing a quick burger for lunch I went to the Kitchen Collections for more finds.  This resulted in returning a couple of items to the Corningware store, but at least it was close by.

Next stop was to Target for some items I realized would work and then it was back to the trailer to dump off the first load since the sky is looking like it wants to rain.

I left in a fine mist for Walmart to gather up the last of the stuff (or so I thought) and get some food.  I had planned to cook our first meal that night, but by now it's 5:00 and I'm exhausted, not to mention none of the things purchased have been washed yet and ready to use.  So supper was a drive through at Taco Johns.

I ran inside with the food and we had a quick supper - basically I scarfed down my tacos like a wolf, and then I went back outside into the drizzle to unload the car with the groceries.  If shopping ever becomes an Olympic event I may just qualify for it.

The weather is getting cold, so I put the blanket I bought on my side of the bed and hunkered down to sleep, knowing the next day would be another long one.

Wednesday morning I woke to a very cold house and two cats under the blankets with me.  I went to put on the furnace but I didn't know where those controls were, so Left Brain did whatever it was to start it up.  Then I dashed back under the blankets to wait for the house to warm up.

The morning was spent putting things away and sorting and opening more boxes.  I am so sick of opening containers I could spit.  In what seemed like just an hour or so it was noon and we were in need of a break and some lunch.

So we both headed off to Walmart for yet more stuff and the ingredients to make chili for supper.  It was cold, windy and snowing by the time we got back inside.  I left my wonderfully hot Arizona for this?  Even Left Brain agrees we won't return so early next time.

Fixing supper was an adventure as I'd not yet used my gas stove and amazingly I didn't blow us up lighting the burners.  I can't wait (tongue in cheek) to try the oven!  

It's exhausting and I still haven't had the inclination to take any photos, but the piles are diminishing as things find their new homes and it's starting to feel more like we live here instead of just work here.

I'm almost ready for some finishing touches to make it really homey and eventually even some decorations will go up.

Thursday was the third stanza of the song - shop, unpack and wash things to prepare for use.  I think this is finally almost done...please...let it be done!

Friday I took Left Brain to the kids house so he could shuttle the granddaughter to her volleyball game.  I was about to enjoy my first night alone in the house.  Little did I know the furnace wouldn't start up again and I woke to a freezing cold house of about 39 degrees this morning.

I apologized to the cats for ditching them in the cold and went to pickleball, partly to play and prepare for the tournament next weekend but mostly just to be warm somewhere.

I returned home to a yet empty house and bravely faced the shower with the hottest water I could stand and then dried off and dressed in record speed before ice formed on my body.

No heat yet, so I decided to go to a movie...any movie...just for the warmth it would provide.  The movie playing at the appropriate time for my arrival was Beauty and the Beast, which was actually pretty nice.  Yeck, I'd have gone to seen the Smurfs just to be warm.

Now it's 3:00 and still no heat and the sun is going down.  Left Brain is still missing in action, so no help on the heat issue.  I may end up going for an  air mattress and sleeping bag to hunker down by the fireplace if necessary.

So, understandable my feelings right now are running the course of "I hate Minnesota" and "I hate living in an RV".  I'm ready to return to my real home Arizona soon.  The Queen is not amused.

Long Live the Queen of  My Wintery Discontent


  1. Oh my, Mother Nature certainly isn't being very nice to you, is she? Can you believe it? Snow? And I wonder why your heat keeps going out. I'm hoping that some really nice Spring weather makes it your way to warm you up. Hang in there my unamused Queen. Warm temps are headed your way!!! Stay warm and have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. Mama C- I am so sad. We could've given you shelter and warmth. Please come back when it warms up!!