Friday, June 12, 2015

Beginning the Farewells

Thursday was my last day with the Winona pickleball group and I'm sure going to miss them.  I've added a couple as Facebook friends to keep in touch until next year.

It's just an old gym, but it's special to me.  Oddly enough it's on the second floor of the building instead of on the ground floor.

There's no air least none that can be felt. 

I enjoyed a long soak in the whirlpool with other ladies after the photos allowed of this since it's a "suit optional" whirlpool in the ladies locker room.

Now I have another listing to add to my "Places to Play Pickleball" spreadsheet.

Long Live the Pickleball Queen


  1. i'm sure they'll be happy to see you return next summer!

  2. When you get your book written, you will surely include a pickleball section. Of course, you could just write a book about pickleball: rules, types of courts, places that have good courts, etc. As the Queen, you should know.

  3. What a great court! I'm sure your friends will be missing you too until you return again. So where are you off to next? Are there many places left that you have not visited? Sometimes I envy your lifestyle. Waking up in new cities and seeing all the interesting places in this beautiful country has to be just awesome. I'm enjoying every bit of it through your stories and photos. You have a fantabulous weekend. Hugs, Edna B.