Thursday, February 23, 2017

Making choices

I recently decided to forego one of the Friday night dinners with the group to see what the mixed doubles billiards was all about.

Somehow I thought it might be more relaxed and fun, but it was all the same people I play with on the league and I found myself feeling stressed and knowing I was holding back my partner, a very good player.

The team has been so good to me and several have invested time in helping me develop my skills, so I was surprised to find myself just wishing it was "over" that night so I could go home.

This brought me to a new revelation about billiards in general.  It causes me stress.  The group is quite serious and there are some excellent players to learn from.  But when I really thought about it, I found I was resenting the time commitment it took away from pickleball and water volleyball.

So I made the decision and called the team caption who was very gracious about my wanting to call it quits.  As she said, it's not for everyone. I can't tell you the sense of relief when I knew it was over and I could have more time to devote to pickleball, my garden and just goofing off in general.

There is a hiking group that meets Thursday mornings and I wanted to try some of their shorter hikes to see what it was like, but I knew I wouldn't be back in time for billiards competitions that day.  Now I can experience some other activities until I create the perfect rhythm.

This is the difficult part of living here...there are so many choices it makes your head spin.

Long Live the Queen


  1. Don't you love having "too many choices". The best part is there are no wrong choices, just choices that suit us on that particular day!

  2. One can over commit too. It's nice to have choices.

  3. Oh my, such a problem -- what to do today. I think it's wonderful that there is so much there for you to do that is fun and interesting. The short hikes sound like fun. I wish I could still do that. Enjoy trying a few new things, and have a super day. Hugs, Edna B.