Monday, June 20, 2016

And the Queen Continues to Shop!

I had occasion to go shopping without Left Brain the other day and that always tends to lead to more impulse buys.

Several of the recipes in our new paleo lifestyle would be much easier with a food processor.  Yeah, I know...I bought that little one earlier, but it only holds two cups.  I realize now I could have used a larger one, and yet I don't want anything huge.

So voila!  I spotted the Oster food processor and blender combo at Walmart and it seemed to just jump into my cart.

I had a chance to use it right away to grate the carrots needed to try the carrot cake cupcakes.  At first I had the hand grater and a bowl out and could already sense the pain and frustration of trying to grate my baby carrots.

But I remembered (okay, it was within 24 hours) that I had this new powerful tool.  I have to admit that it made me jump when it roared into action and make short work of those carrots.  Oh the power!

Now I'm researching smoothies since I have a blender as well.  I've never been interested in these before, but on a hot summer day it would be nice to have a flavored drink to sip and enjoy.  I'll have to get advice from our daughter on those, as she is the Smoothie Queen.

Long Live the Queen of Kitchen Appliances


  1. Perfect tool. I make my smoothies with frozen bananas and frozen fruits so they don't get watered down by ice cubes.

  2. Ah, a great choice for a handy kitchen tool. I can already taste those smoothies! Yum! You can make ice cream in your blender too. That makes a great treat for a hot summer day. Enjoy! Have a super day my friend, hugs, Edna B.