Monday, August 31, 2015

The Cat's Meow

Since I had enough left over fabric from Zeke's neck scarves, I created a little wardrobe for the cats as well. George was willing to be my model for the photo shoot.

Their scarves are made to slide over the head and come off easy if they get caught on something.  I really thought they'd protest wearing them, but I guess it feels similar to their harness  because they have not protested one bit.

I started with these and they were a bit larger than I really wanted for them.  Then I learned that one of my triangular shaped rulers made the perfect template for cutting them to their size.

It was fun using up odds and ends of fabric I had on hand.

Thus the Halloween ones were created.

We don't do Vikings in our household, thank you.  So our cats are Packer Backers all the way.

Since we'll be in the southwest again eventually, the Kokepeli  and horses seemed like a great choice.

Then I just started digging for any scraps large enough to work.

It was a lot of fun and they don't wear them except for short periods of time when they feel a need to show off.  Mostly they just like being in their own fur.

Long Live the Queen of Cats


  1. I think you may be the Queen of Crafts. We used to have a Collie who wore bandanas that were made to go over the collar. You could feed the collar through the bandana, and it would stay in place. Our Shelties and Coydog wore regular ones that tied. I love kokopelli! And Go Packers!

  2. Boy when you get going there is no stopping you. I love the Potato Chip bags and there have to be endless possibilities with those as there are with the scarfs for the kitties (I personally like the frog the best). I won't poo poo your Green Bay scarf. I have always been a Bears fan, but they have stunk up the place for years so my favor is starting to lean to the north where they actually play football. Besides, I seem to be surrounded by Green Bay fans up here and it is a matter of survival to at least acknowledge them. My neighbors are from Minnesota ... do I need to tell you who they cheer for? I love all of your stuff Queen of Craftiness, you put us all to shame :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Of course there is a Christmas in July!! I work on it all through the year. Your kitty (and doggie) scarves are adorable. You have the best dressed kitties in town! I like the frog the best too. My pogo doesn't wear scarves. However, he does have a Red Sox and a Patriots tee shirt. Gotta keep our fur babies in style! You have a fun day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Too too cute! The scarves. Loved them all. Guess yoga frog, favorite. Packer enthusiasum. I plan on taking two shorter cardboard wrapping paper tubes, decorated with appropriate colors, and matching yarn, taped to end, for waving, while watching games, away from home we use long tubes, and actually BOP anyone within reach, or sword fight..... pond lois