Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day one in Quartzite

We left Mesa at 9:00 and headed westward into Quartzite.  I felt a childlike tingle of excitement as we approached our destination, not having any idea what to expect.  The coordinates were entered into the GPS and I followed with the written directions provided by friends who had been here before. 

What a sight! Nestled at the foot of the mountains was Quartzite and everywhere you looked there were RV’s parked off to the sides in the desert. We left the paved road for a gravel road and finally a primitive road better suited for ATV’s than motorhomes.  The Boomers were diligent in their efforts of placing signs along the way and we finally arrived.

If the RV’s were magically replaced by tents and shanties, this had to be what it felt like to enter a mining town.  I found the check in tent and entered us as number 55.  The gentleman guiding me asked if I’d like full hookups.  I replied yes and I’d like to be near the pool and clubhouse as well.

We circled See-More around and nosed him into a nice spot alongside the road next to a five-wheel that was setting off a bit by itself…at least until we invaded the neighborhood.  After setting up camp we hunkered down in our chairs with our Kindles to enjoy the mountain view and relax while reading.

With the sunshine beating down I was almost too warm with my sweatshirt on but the breeze required it.  It felt good after the cold stretch we had in Mesa and the mountain views were stunning.  After a bit our neighbors drove up and sauntered over to introduce themselves as Al and Ingrid from Colorado.

What a fun couple!  We visited until 4:00 when it was time to join the other Boomers at the fire pit for happy hour and introductions.  Being new visitors to Boomerville we were given Marti-Gras style necklaces to wear so others would know of our virginity and be able to assist us in finding our way.

We also met up with our friends Sherrie and Jack that we met in Blaine MN last summer.  There were some snacks set out, including adult gummies to enjoy. These apparently have vodka in them.  After visiting for a while we headed back to See-More to fix a little supper, crank on the generator and watch the news.

Without electricity there isn’t a lot to do and when the sun goes down it gets quite cold in the desert.  So we crawled into bed and I read for a while under my covers until it was time to go to sleep.  It’s a wonderfully lazy lifestyle dictated by the rising and setting of the sun.  It feels so pioneer- like, with the exception of having Kindles and checking email on the phone.  Tomorrow we will explore Quartzite and all the vendors that are out there and then stop by the Escapee happy hour and look for our other friends we met at the Escapade.

So, we’re here and settled in and finding our way around.  Blogger is still balking at adding photos so I will continue to load things into Picassa Web as needed to add images of our days here.  We were given a list of things to photo for a visual scavenger hunt and it appears there will be no end of photographic opportunities, so this will probably remain strapped to my body for the duration.

But for today, I just wanted to get this much posted – photos tomorrow.


Long Live the Desert Queen



  1. If your neighbors are Al & Ingrid Hubbard, we met them in Feb/March at Lake Pleasant! Nice folks. Be sure to tell them "Hi" for us! (You can remind them that I was a 'dizzy' broad at the time!)
    See you soon.
    Kay & Tom

  2. It all sounds like so much fun. Take lots of photos. I've been using Firefox to post my blog so that I can upload photos. Google isn't in much of a hurry to get our upload problem fixed.

    Have fun. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. I don't recall "sauntering" over, it was more of a stroll. And perhaps tomorrow you can give us a tour of the clubhouse facilities and FULL hook-ups as we have not been able to locate among the rocks and cacti. Cheers, Ingrid